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Archive Reorganization

Archive Management enables organization to provide centralized management of physical records, extend compliance initiatives into physical record business practices, rapidly discover and locate physical record information as it relates to content. Our methodology involves

  • Collation (Sorting, Cataloging, and Classification), clean-up, registration (Data entry) and indexing of documents/records in the Corporate Archives for easy retrieval.
  • Review the retention and usefulness of the documents and decide whether to Retain or Dispose.
  • Log and label all records in an index register.
  • Classify records using Record Series Code.
  • Package records in archive boxes.
  • Replace damaged arch-lever files.

Document Indexing, Digitization / Scanning

Document Digitization is the process by which paper documents are imaged (scanned) and saved as digital images. These digital images or electronic records are saved as PDF or TIFF files and can legally take the place of the paper document.

Our bulk scanning, data capture, and processing service enables us to intelligently capture data and index images for subsequent migration into client Electronic Content or Document Management Systems. By using innovative processes to automatically recognize and classify documents and capture data turns paper documents into electronic records available at the touch of a button.

  • Our methodology involves Pre-Scanning Preparation, Scanning, Electronic Indexing, and Post-scanning
  • Staple removal, binding removal, document repair and de-skew
  • Sorted documents are scanned utilizing modern scanning technologie
  • Coding and naming documents in temporary media storage.
  • Migration of digital documents to network storage, cloud or DMS repository

ECM / EDMS / BPM Solutions

Our electronic records management programs reduce risk and cost, that's the bottom line. When corporate information sources are brought under central information governance, there is a level of consistency that is not possible with disparate systems. Policy can be consistently set and enforced across all the content sources.

From a document disaster to a paperless environment, we deploy flexible electronic document management system and business process management tools to protect your information asset, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Tecres Technologies provides a structured and transparent way to maintain records. From creation through to eventual disposition, our electronic records management system enhances corporate accountability, regulatory compliance, and minimizes the risks associated with audit and litigation. We are a one-stop company for international and local solutions.
  • Laserfiche Document Management System. Grow your business, reduce your workload. Eliminate manual processes and automate work in every department with powerful workflows, e-forms, and analytics. Digitally capture, secure and organize documents across the enterprise. Support compliance, integrate applications and drive information security. Smarter Solutions for Every Industry.Learn more
  • E-Flow Business Process Management: Manage your business processes more efficiently. Manage your work process from quote through to invoice while tracking time and costs. Implement E-Flow BPM Cloud, On-Premise server based solution, and with Mobile on the go. E-Flow process designer is a drag and drop with no-coding required. Learn more about it. Learn more
  • M-Files Enterprise Content Management. Document Management. Redefined. M-Files is the only intelligent information management platform that organizes content based on what it is, not where it's stored. You can even connect to existing network folders and systems to make them more intelligent with built-in AI to automatically categorize and protect information. Learn more about it. Learn more
  • Pinpoint Electronic Document Management Software. Pinpoint is an efficient way to electronically store and edit your files at an affordable price with built-in features including workflow, versioning, and retention management that have the ability to integrate with other applications. PinPoint is a fully customizable, non-technical approach. Learn more about it. Learn more
  • Kofax PaperPort Professional. Kofax PaperPort Professional empowers your organization to take control of document management beyond the desktop. With Kofax PaperPort Professional, office workers or individual professionals can save time and money with instant access to all documents—anytime, anywhere. Learn more about it. Learn more
  • FastDoc Enterprise Document Management Software. Our locally developed solution to meet the unique and local document management needs is flexible and price friendly. FastDoc offers simplified functionality to capture physical and electronic documents efficiently making information available, easy to navigate and easy to secure on any device. Documents could be scanned from multiple locations, annotated, routed unlimitedly, and stored in a centralized repository. FastDoc Web Access full-featured Web-based client interface, and Mobile client for Smartphones and Tablets.

eSignature and Intelligent Agreement Management (IAM)

Electronically sign any type of document associated with quotes or contracts and Capture the critical business value that’s hiding in your agreements.

Streamline your approval process, improve efficiency, and reduce costs using eSignature and IAM. DocuSign is a cloud-based electronic signature that is user-friendly, secure, and compliant with regulatory requirements. Easily send, sign, and store documents, contracts, and other agreements in a secure, online location.

  • Electronic Signatures: electronically sign documents, providing a secure, auditable, and trackable view of who has approved documents for quotes or contracts.
  • Intelligent Agreement Management: capture the critical business value that is trapped in their agreements by automating agreement processes and workflows, eliminating manual, error-prone tasks like data entry and verification using AI-powered agreement summarization, accelerating review, negotiation, and approval processes.
  • Enhanced Customer and Partner Experience: streamline the agreement creation, commitment, and management processes, leading to a better experience for customers, partners, and employees.
  • Document Management: upload numerous document types, including PDFs and spreadsheets, and send documents to any email address inside or outside of the organization.
  • Customization & Integration: add custom fields to envelopes, configure reminders and expiration, and set default validity and frequency of eSignature requests while integrating with other products and services, such as Laserfiche, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Google, to provide a seamless experience.
  • Security & Scalability: secure environment for electronic signatures, with audit trails, secure storage, and compliance with regulatory requirements and manage large volumes of documents and signatures with ease.

Supply of Archive Boxes

Tecres Technologies double-strength archive storage boxes are now familiar sights in different organizations for organizing documents, film, tapes, drives, etc.

  • Our boxes are easy to assemble by utilizing a unique self-locking base. This means they are not only easy to assemble but super strong.
  • You never have to worry about the bottom falling out of a box filled with records you have spent the morning putting in order.
  • Each side is reinforced so once you fill them, they retain their shape and provide excellent levels of protection for your documents and records.

Supply of Fixed and Mobile Rack

We have a range of archive storage products, such as fixed and mobile racks/shelves.

  • The shelves uses high-quality cold-rolled steel plate for special structure design suitable for all document environments
  • Open-static shelving is a suitable option for an archive that is in regular use by a number of different staff or visitors
  • Mobile Shelving System or File Compactor increases storage capacity and utilizes valuable floor space compared to conventional static shelving.
  • Racks are widely used in offices/school libraries, archives, retail stockrooms, medical records, office filing, and museums for file storage and are designed to be easily re-located, with no floor fixing.
  • Our design is developed from clients’ requirements.

Secured document shredding

High-security paper shredding and records destruction service for householders and offices across Nigeria. Guaranteed to keep you safe and eliminate identity fraud.

  • Home: Your sensitive paperwork can be securely shredded. Ideal for home office and house movers.
  • Business: Destroy unwanted company information securely, whilst being environmentally friendly.
  • Sacks: Dispatched first class in packaging and designed to fit through your letterbox.We come to collect your documents and choose a date to suit your schedule. Protect your records by permanently destroying them.

Document and records management training and consulting

Tecres Technologies combination of unparalleled knowledge and implementation experience helps ensure that your organization will comply with record keeping requirements to minimize regulatory risks across physical and electronic records, and minimize litigation risk in light of new legislative requirements regarding electronic information.

As part of our comprehensive Document and Records Management Services, we offer Training and Consulting on:

  • Extensive Document & Records Management
  • Electronic Document Management
  • Basic Document & Records Management
  • On-Premise & Offsite Archive Management for Business Continuity
  • Document & Records Filing and Storage
  • Disaster Management & Disaster Recovery Plan
  • Comprehensive Cataloguing & Retention Scheduling
  • Document Storage & Protection
  • Our consultants will help you develop a professional and comprehensive
  • Documents and Records Management program for the duration of your information's lifecycle, regardless of its format - paper or electronic.
  • Tecres Technologies offers a full range of services and solutions that are designed to ensure the proper management of your information assets and effectively minimize your costs and risks.

Off-site Records Storage Management

Off-site records storage and management helps lower operating costs by saving up to 50% associated with storage space, personnel and records management.

  • Security of records: Safety and confidentiality of important records and files is taken seriously.
  • Controlled Access to Records & Data: Only authorized personnel are allowed to view records.
  • Flexibility: 24/7 service includes pickup, delivery, inventory, retrieval, storage, business continuity and destruction of records and files.
  • Efficiency & Cost Savings: Off-site records storage helps organization to realize the cost savings associated with freeing up that expensive space.
  • Barcoding of Archive Boxes: Documents stored in archive boxes are barcoded to enhance further security of documents.

Asset Management

Your business rely heavily on equipment to generate revenue.

Create accurate registers, reducing costs and improving inventory management are just a few of the many benefits of asset tracking.

  • With advancement in Technology, stock, equipment, vehicles or infrastructure are easily tagged using our tagging tools such as RIFD tags, barcodes, QR codes.
  • We identify, label, tag and reconcile company fixed assets using polyester or Vinyl Label designed to permanent or break apart if separated from its mating surface and discouraging unauthorized asset transfers.
  • Our Asset Tracking register can be presented as an easy-to-use Access database, or using our cloud based dynamic asset app called AssetGO.

Asset Tracking with AssetGO

Off-site records storage and management helps lower operating costs by saving up to 50% associated with storage space, personnel and records management.

  • Automating inventory management
  • Calculating depreciation values
  • Monitoring conditions
  • Scheduling maintenance
  • Achieving compliance

...go beyond Paper

Archive Management, Bulk Scanning & Document Management EDMS Services.Scan up to 2 Million pages in 1 week

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