Why you should consider Off-site Scanning.

Are you interested in scanning your documents but do not have the time or facilities? Why not consider Tecres Technologies Scanning Bureau services?

Tecres Technologies is a trusted document management company that specializes in onsite/offsite document scanning. We offer offsite scanning services to suit businesses with limited office spaces.

Our Pickup and Delivery Team can collect documents from any location within Lagos. The documents will be taken to our secured offsite scanning facility where we have robust imaging technology that captures hundreds of pages per minute into different formats.

Why you should consider off-site Scanning with Tecres Technologies

  1. We will bear the costs of providing suitable office space with electricity.
  2. We will provide logistics needed to move the documents safely from and to your office within Lagos State.
  3. We can execute the scanning project 30% faster than scanning at your office. We are not constrained by the number of our trained staff to deploy.
  4. We take 100% responsibility for the security of your documents under our care.
  5. A non-disclosure agreement will be signed to indemnify the security of your documents.


Is off-site scanning right for me?

Do you want the most cost-effective price, the most efficient project schedule, a turnkey archiving services to meet your digital transformation model with minimal hassle? Off-site scanning is right for you!

Ekhorelen Fidelis
Project Manager, Tecres Technologies

Staff Writer