TECRES Consult has developed the following strategies to help you on exam day:

  1. Before beginning to solve the questions, it is a good idea to read through all instructions carefully.
  2. You can determine which subject you feel most prepared to answer.
  3. You can then proceed to solve the questions in a sequence that will allow you to perform your best.
  4. Monitor your time appropriately on the top section to ensure that you do not spend too much time on one question that you do not have enough time to attempt all the subjects and questions.
  5. For questions involving calculations, you can pull up the calculator on your computer by Clicking on Start Button, All Programs, Accessories , and Select Calculator. You can change from simple calculator to scientific calculator by clicking on view and select the desired view.
  6. Marks for each section in English Language is awarded independently, so you should attempt to solve each section.

When you enter the CBT exam center, you see a Welcome page on the allocated computer.

  1. Please type your jamb registration number and click submit to Login in to your exam area.
  2. Please read the following instructions carefully.
  3. Click the start button to retrieve questions.
  4. The timer will start immediately.
  5. Your UTME registered subjects are provided for you on the top of the screen.
  6. …. like our facebook page and drop your email address, we will send your the concluding section.

TECRES Consult provides Special Computer Based Testing CBT Tutorial Class for Jamb/SS3 Students. We guide students using JAMB-UTME Practice Software which consist of JAMB past questions from inception to date. We train and provide useful tips to help students get familiar with computer based Testing.

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