Stop …

  1. Wasting time and staff resources on endless “document quests”
  2. Struggling to make one team member’s documents available to another
  3. Recreating important content because you can’t find it
  4. Fixing problems caused by overlooking crucial information in files or email messages
  5. Opening documents simply to understand what they contain
  6. Struggling to interpret obscure file names or to understand which client a document is associated with
  7. Losing documents because they’re not labeled consistently or physically stored together
  8. Misplacing important email correspondence
  9. Navigating multiple applications, drives, and folders simply to view all the content associated with a project, client, or matter
  10. Deploying unnecessary software to client desktops – or performing time-consuming conversions – simply to permit document viewing
  11. Struggling to control who can see or edit your documents
  12. Spending hours trying to track who viewed or edited a document
  13. Wasting money and time backing up obsolete files
  14. Reconciling inconsistent concurrent changes made by document reviewers
  15. Using Windows’ slow and ineffective document search tools
  16. Trying to figure out which version of a document is authoritative, or who owns it

With document management system in place, you can get more done, more effectively, at lower cost, in less time. You can stop wasting time or money on manually finding and managing your documents, and reinvest those resources in becoming more profitable!

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