E-Flow Workflow and Process Managemen

E-Flow BPM
Simpler and faster processes with customized solutions
It is a very easy, low cost solution to install and use. You can prepare your approval process in hours.

Procedures, existing files… Papers and documents showing which job, done by whom and when… Sounds great in theory. But in reality, all these are piles of files waiting on someone’s desk. A lost document… A missed step… Works that are postponed or worse, never done. As a results, missed opportunities, lost sales, loss of time or maybe worse… Could that also be the reality of your company ?
Managing the workflow can be hard. That’s why many firms in every size have turned their heads to E-Flow to ask for help. E-Flow is a fast, easy and affordable solution that centralizes your workflow.It helps you manage your processes with an automated system that structures consistency, efficiency and accountability. Besides, as each company has completely different needs ,we have also developed a workflow system that includes an easy-to-use process designer that you can use to design your standard start-up package and processes.

How can E-Flow Help Your Company ?

Increasing Productivity


Finishing tasks on time

Full control on overdue tasks

Ability to track all company processes from a single

The days of wandering around the corridors for a job’s whereabouts, who’s responsible for it, and whether it’s done or not is now far behind. In conjunction with E-Flow, questions, estimates and hiding no longer exist . E-Flow tells you if a job has been completed. It checks and finds automatically the person for the next step and does the assignment on your behalf. In short, it presents you everything you need to know as a report. In that case, you can use E-Flow in the following departments and similar processes

  •  Human Resources
  • Purchasing
  •  Sales and Distribution
  •  Financial Management
  •  Active Supply Chain Management
  •  Customer Relations
  •  Production and Planning
  •  Project Management


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