How paper-light practices can help your legal firm win more cases


Few professions are as ‘docu-centric’ as law firms. Documents are important to law firms as evidence is important in a legal proceeding. In fact, documents are evidence, documents have become a unique feature of the legal profession.  A usual law firm generates or receives myriads of physical documents every year, ranging from pleadings to evidence files which are archived in shelves domiciled in a certain dark room. Emails received or generated are either printed out and physically archived or left in one’s email and on many occasions in different folders in several persons’ emails; hence central location is lacking.

Managing physical documents is crucially important to lawyers and on several occasions overwhelming, frustrating, costly and time-consuming. Of serious concern to every solicitor is taking care of any document entrusted to them. Many dream of a day when they would be able to access whatever documents, whenever they need them, wherever they are within seconds.

A Paper-light office makes it possible for you rely less on a physical document, ensures quick retrieval irrespective of your location, and provides secured storage among other benefits. Paper-light Office converts all physical documents into digitized format(s) with solution(s) that would ensure proper management of these documents. The simple goal is to turn your paper documents (physical archive) into a digital archive which can be securely stored more efficiently (in the cloud) and quickly be accessed anywhere, anytime, hence eliminating time wasting in searching for documents and the fear of losing the document.

The cost of Paper-light Office pales into insignificant when compared with the costs of maintaining an archive room, the man-hour lost in searching and retrieving documents which in some cases are never found, the actual  cost of losing the documents, and other mental distresses and inconveniences experienced as a result of depending on physical documents.

From our experience in dealing with legal firms, Paper-light Office helps to:

  1. Increase billable hours and improve client service quality.
  2. Streamline the process of retrieving and distributing essential information.
  3. Provide simultaneous access to client information.
  4. Improve operational efficiency with minimal disruption.
  5. Improve information security and document integrity.
  6. Enable productivity tracking and accountability, ensuring turnaround requirements are always met.
  7. Streamline compliance-driven documentation requirements.
  8. Reduce paper, paper storage, photocopying, and faxing costs.

Migration to Paper-light Office is gradual, systematic and custom-built, hence we suggest that you first consider digitization of the most important, frequently consulted or searched documents. Depending on the volumes, cloud storage could be free. To increase your confidence in Paper-light Office, we offer, for a start, to digitize for free 1.5 % of the estimated number of pages of your documents. You determine the most important documents for this test.

We at Tecres Technologies help Legal firms realize that dream with Paper-light Office. Why not allow us to help you make your work easier and more efficient!

Staff Writer