With many people working digitally and customers expecting almost instant customer service here are the benefits of adopting scanning and workflow technology to process paperwork.

Digital documents can:-
Ø  Be found quickly and easily using a simple keyword search. An often frustrating aspect of working in an office is being buried underneath a pile of paperwork. As a result, there’s a greater likelihood of an important document being mislaid, or taking ages to find. When a file is stored on a computer these problems should no longer be an issue.

Ø  You can choose how you want your scanned documents organised, whether by name of client, date, etc. The creation of a relevant folder, or by using your computer’s search facility, will mean that finding the particular scanned document will be achieved quickly and easily.

Ø  Over the course of a year, the amount of time saved on document searches will be considerable and aid a company’s efficiency. Searching in vain to find a paper document will be consigned to history, and you will now be able to find related documents from years or even decades ago with just a few clicks of a mouse.

Ø  Scanned documents can be easily distributed among other members of staff in an office, and, better still, this can be done instantaneously. Photocopying documents and then distributing them to employees, for instance, would be noticeably more time consuming and costly than digital documents.

Scanned documents save time and money, can be stored more securely, are easier to find and are good for the environment. All in all, replacing paper documents with scanned versions makes good business sense.

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