Document Digitization – Not An Expensive, All-Or-Nothing Leap

Every business has documents that they must maintain for legal compliance, and operational business needs, including contracts, legal filings, personnel files, and even marketing materials. As time passes and the business grows, the sheer volume of documents that are generated and stored regularly can overwhelm a traditional filing cabinet system.

Although many companies look for document storage solutions for their physical records, the most efficient way to manage paperwork is to create digital copies of their important files and store them on shared drive, portable hard drive, on-site document management system or on the Cloud.
Every important company record or document can be scanned and converted to digital files (digitization) because it provide quick access and instant backups (disaster recovery and business continuity) for a business’s entire collection of records.

Why a Document Digitization Is Beneficial
Reducing paper dependency and inefficiency doesn’t have to be an expensive, all or nothing leap. By inserting affordable scanning, storage and paper to digital uploading into existing processes, organisations can progressively move to digital records while retaining the option of outputting key documents to paper chart.

Transitioning to digital records from a traditional or offsite file storage system has a several advantages:

Space: Anywhere from 1 to 3 filing cabinets can be stored on 1 gigabyte of disk space. This frees up a little over 3 square feet of office space.

Time: On average it takes 10 minutes to get up; go to a filing cabinet; find a file; find a document, process it (copy, fax or scan and email) and then return the file to its proper location. You do that just 6 times and you waste an hour. Time is money. Electronic file retrieval takes under 30 seconds and is done without leaving your desk. You can print a copy, email or fax from your computer.

Safety: You cannot spill coffee on, smear, tear or lose your original document. And if someone else loses the document that you sent, you can easily resend it.

Compliance: All of your documents are available for compliance inspection electronically. Compliance can inspect your file without removing them from your system so you work without interruption.

Disaster recovery and business continuity: Documents are backed up to a remote location weekly, daily or hourly and easily for disaster recovery. An electronic document management system functions as an automatic insurance policy against loss or damage to your files.

How to go about it?
Tecres Technologies Bulk Document Scanning (on and off site) is a professional services helping organization to transform manual paper records and conversion of back office operations to digital records.

Tecres Technologies can help you;
Collate – group and classify all documents
Sort – arrange and label all documents to remove duplicates
Index – create metadata of each documents in a spreadsheet (Document title, type, date and other key fields)
Digitize – scan each documents arranged in a chronological order using accepted index fields for digital preservation
Migrate – present digitized records in appropriate storage media, and or solution.

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Tecres Technologies

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