Different department have different filing requirements and as a result different filing cabinets for different purposes – Open, Closed, Wooden, Metal filled with arch lever files. Sometimes the arch lever files are stacked in sacks (Ghana-must-go) and in cartons, lying loose on-top and under office desks.

  • Locating information from such stacks and different silos may be herculean and chaotic
  • Documents may have been moved without prior notices
  • Documents may have been destroyed by rodents and other pest or weather effect

The outlined challenges result in staff inefficiency and customers’ dissatisfaction. What you need is not to digitize immediately. The reason is that documents are duplicated by different department needs and the cost of conversion to digital copy without reorganization – filtering is expensive.

Tecres Technologies provides physical documents archive management at affordable cost to ascertain the value and state of your documents. Our approach is based on multiple experiences with clients with such document storage challenges and our methodology is practical and cost effective.


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