Decrease Employee Stress by Going PaperLESS

Productivity increases when more people work together more efficiently it isn’t rocket science. A recent article states that collaboration among employees is strengthened when you create an environment where team members can easily share knowledge and ideas. This will not only improve individual productivity but also project standards and service delivery.

A major key to creating a successful environment which encourages collaboration entails reducing stress. Here are a few tips to reduce stress in your workplace and encourage collaboration:

Implement a stress reliever in a central location. If you provide a mini punching bag or squeeze pad somewhere accessible to all your employees, they will start to use it and use it as a diving board into conversation and co-worker bond formation. This will lead to an increase in easier collaboration between them.

Document Scanning Services.  Businesses use a lot of paper every year, consuming about more than 5.2 million tons per year; and all of that paper has to go somewhere  in file cabinets, through the mail, to billing firms or out to clients. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that managing paper is a costly process for a lot of companies. On average, organizations misplace one out of every 20 paper documents, this leads to an extra costs searching for lost document, and hours spent recreating the lost file. Managing paper documents is typically both time-consuming and expensive.

Convert to paperless. Physical paperwork can be very stressful they’re hard to find, hard to organize, harder to find the paragraph or document you need. These impediments of physical documents can increase stress and make collaboration between employees more difficult. Convert your paperwork to digital files so that you employees can easily send each other the pertinent files in a few nanoseconds via email, or have them all access the same file simultaneously via the cloud. By going paperless, your employees will have an easier time collaborating with each other and will lower their stress levels significantly.

So how exactly can document management help? For one thing, it can save an enormous amount of time. Through the electronic workflow, employees can quickly find documents, and they won’t ever have to recreate lost files again. In addition, these systems cut down on office space needed for storage while boosting security.

Is your Office paperless? How does your Company manage files and documents? We love hearing about the different ways companies manage their important documents.

Staff Writer