Contactless Hospitals

I am tired of going to hospitals in Lagos Nigeria and wait countless amount of time while they are searching for my medical records.

COVID-19 is giving organizations another approach to work. I call it “Contactless Operations”. Nigerian hospitals should begin to invest in having paperless hospitals by deploying hospital management systems that eliminates generating physical records as everything will be done electronically.


One of the advantages of foreign managed hospital in Lagos is the paperless environment. So my questions is why are indigenous owned hospital not following suite except for the elite hospitals.


Hospitals can start by;

  1. Reorganizing medical records and create a master document register for easy access and retrieval within few minutes.
  2. Then digitizing high priority medical records, selected cases that of intellectual values (information asset) to the hospital

iii. Automate process flow – from walk in patient to the front desk to doctors consultation to prescription to finance to pharmacy and sign out, papers don’t need to be printed and nurses time can be used for other critical hospital needs than moving paper from one desk to another.

Contactless Hospitals is one way to reduce the spread of corona virus.


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Staff Writer