Contactless Hospitals

I am tired of going to hospitals in Lagos Nigeria and wait countless amount of time while they are searching for my medical records. COVID-19 is giving organizations another approach to work. I call it “Contactless Operations”. Nigerian hospitals should begin to invest in having paperless hospitals by deploying hospital management systems that eliminates generating […]

E-Flow BPM Mobile

Easy and secure mobile management of all business processes with Mobile Nowadays, with mobile world life style, E-Flow BPM Mobile manages all your business processes in a safe and easy way. No encoding, no design, no extra development time or cost. Manage Your Business with Mobile Lifestyle! When you are mobile, you can manage your […]

Planning Your Digital and Hard-Copy Processes

Many businesses are finding themselves moving from hard copies to digital copies in a world that are becoming more and more technology-driven. Now with two types of mediums to handle, managing the information and documents can become a confusing and tedious task. Besides the environmental benefits that a paperless document management system provides, one of […]

Why Document Scanning And Digitization Is Important To Oil And Gas In Nigeria

The Oil and Gas industry need successful document management processes to mitigate risk, control project value chains, coordinate deliverables from multiple contractors and produce auditable records. Well logging is the practice of making detailed records of geological formations penetrated by a borehole and is conducted at several stages in the drilling process. Well logs are […]


Tecres Technologies Nigeria Limited is a document scanning and management company providing paperless solutions to public and private organizations throughout Nigeria and the West Africa region. Tecres Technologies was established as an enterprise company in 2014 and incorporated in 2016 to support organizations that face critical document management issues and challenges in their desire to […]


Information Asset is any organized documentation, data or body of information incorporated into a communication structure and managed in such a way that it can be understood, shared, protected and exploited effectively. In preserving information assets value, risk, content and lifecycles, deploying a document management solution is the way to go however cost of digitizing […]


Different department have different filing requirements and as a result different filing cabinets for different purposes – Open, Closed, Wooden, Metal filled with arch lever files. Sometimes the arch lever files are stacked in sacks (Ghana-must-go) and in cartons, lying loose on-top and under office desks. Locating information from such stacks and different silos may […]


Preservation and conservation of originals through an electronic substitute for consultation (online library), Instant and simultaneous access of a document in multiple location, E-consultation giving a better reading than the originals, possibility to zoom, to go into the heart of a document, to obtain the finesse of details, to make comparisons between multiple documents simultaneously… […]


With increased flows of information, document management has become a major challenge for companies. As they generate and receive an increasing number of paper documents, companies are drowning under large volumes of documents (customer files, patient files, legal documents, etc.) that they need to preserve, often for legal and administrative reasons. Storage, searching and communication […]