Document Control as Part of Quality and Compliance Requirements

    Broadly defined, document control refers to strategies for managing the development, approval, issue, change, distribution, maintenance, use, storage, security, and disposal of documents. In other words, document control provides a framework for managing document life cycle – how documents are approved, updated or amended, how changes are tracked, how documents are published (internally […]

Why Your Business Needs Document Scanning

Have you thought about how an unforeseen catastrophe might affect your business? Even something as random as an electrical fire or crane accident can deal an unprepared company a heavy blow. Were a catastrophic event to take place that affected your organization’s base of operations, how would you deal with the fallout? Ask yourself, are […]

Mailroom Scanning Solution

Companies where efficient document conversion processes aren’t in place, valuable time is being spent opening and preparing mail for internal distribution manually. Because of the large volume of mail, important documents are often misplaced, left in unsecured settings, or not delivered on time or to the right person. If that describes the current state of […]

Increase Productivity with Paperless Approval and Payment Processing

Movies and comic strips have often used an image of a frazzled boss piling papers onto an employee’s desk, demanding that he “have those reports back on my desk by the next day morning.” In reality, as business demands increase, work becomes more efficient if a number of paperwork decreases. Gone are the days of […]


Tecres Technologies Nigeria Limited is a document scanning and management company providing paperless solutions to public and private organizations throughout Nigeria and the West Africa region. Tecres Technologies was established as an enterprise company in 2014 and incorporated in 2016 to support organizations that face critical document management issues and challenges in their desire to […]


As an #ECM Expert, I am continuously faced with the question of using SharePoint as a document management solution compared to the core #EDMS #ECM #BPM solutions i.e. Laserfiche in the market. Comparing Laserfiche to SharePoint is like comparing an apple to an orange but apparently, people are using SharePoint just like we would want […]


We all know that going paperless will help the environment and save trees. We have all seen the “Going Green” advertisements and social push to protect the planet. But do you know exactly how much paper we really waste? The average office worker uses approximately 10,000 sheets of paper per year according to the US […]


Information Asset is any organized documentation, data or body of information incorporated into a communication structure and managed in such a way that it can be understood, shared, protected and exploited effectively. In preserving information assets value, risk, content and lifecycles, deploying a document management solution is the way to go however cost of digitizing […]


In software design, we use terms like “intuitive” and “user-friendly” but are these terms truly signifying simplicity? Most computer systems work best if they are kept simple and avoid unnecessary complexity. It is easy to get carried away programming complex code, yet it is important to note that increases to a system’s intricacy amplifies difficulty […]