5 Ways To Use Document Management To Increase Your Small Business Efficiency

If you run a business in Nigeria or knows someone that has a personal business, you’d agree with me that running a business is not child’s play. If your business is at the beginning stage, you’d be conversant with the fact that you are your own accountant, auditor, customer service representative and even the Chief Operating Officer of that business. Handling all of these responsibilities can be overwhelming especially if you have limited resources.  With resources constraints, you are often left with a choice between saving costs in the short term and investing in long-term growth through sound management practices.
With document management software meant for small business, you can effectively run your small office like a standard one and still save money. Here are 5 ways in which document management software can help you to improve the efficiency of your small business;

1.       Get a paper Free Office with Built-in Scanning Capabilities
As you settle in into the world of an entrepreneur, your papers begin to grow because you are paying for bills, signing contracts, sending and receiving emails. As the piles of papers begin to heap, you’d begin to feel the need to digitize your business process. The first step is to scan and save all your archived paper documents in a digital format.
A good document management software program has inbuilt scanning features that you can use to scan documents individually as well as in batches. These scanned documents can then be saved in pre-specified folders. This will make sure that you can access those files on your screen anytime you want them.

2.       Multi-user access enables you to get work done faster
As a growing business or a start-up, you might have people working for you as freelancers and these freelancers may need the same documents that you have but you may not necessarily have the same job description. To make it easy for everyone to access such document at the same time without any trouble is to get document management software that would store the documents in a centralised database. So with this, the software would be installed on individual computers but the documents are not created in multiple copies.  This would help save precious space and would also give you the opportunity to work on a document that is not on your own computer.
3.       Email, Fax and Printer Features for Improved Internal and External Communication
There are some document management software that allows you to store emails from your multiple accounts. This means that you don’t need t sin I to your various email accounts to view your emails. (That sounds Interesting, right?) To refer to those emails containing an information that you need, all you need to do is to fall back on your document management software. If you need to fax a document, you can do that too from within the application. The interesting thing about this software is that you can also print documents even though they are not stored on your computer.

4.       Folder Structure Retention During Import Saves Time and Effort
Certain document management software would allow you to import your existing folder structure at once and retain it. This means that you have saved several days of time and efforts that would be used in creating folders and sub-folders and checking of the documents are in the right folders.

5.       User-Friendly Interface Helps you Get Productive in Hours
If you have ever used the Microsoft Outlook email communication platform; you’d agree with me that it is one of the best interfaces for office communication. This is because everything is neatly arranged where you can easily find them. The menu folder fits nicely in the left sidebar while the main menu appears at the top of your screen. There is actually document management software that is designed like the Microsoft Outlook. This simply means that, once you install into your system, you can start working with it right away.
                When you have software that has these features and more that can help you manage the tasks efficiently and with ease, you can be assured that all your business goals are achievable.

                When it comes to documenting management for small businesses Tecres Technologies is one that can help you with it. If you are a small business owner or an entrepreneur, you can get started with document management now by calling  Julius or Fidelis on 08020619478/08062539412 to get a free consultation.

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