Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Tecres Technologies

When it comes to running a business, home, or personal archive, proper document storage is not a luxury; it is a necessity. We at Tecres Technologies understand that with the growing concern for security in the country, storage of our most precious documents is high on everyone’s priorities. Here are a few reasons why you […]

Document Scanning for Educational Institution

Educational institution in Nigeria has a lot of papers that they have to file on a daily basis from student registration form to examination past question and teachers information. It is high time educational institution to upgrade technology by switching to paperless with the help of document scanning experts, TEcres Technologies. Using its dedicated scanning […]


Businesses hold onto thousands of pieces of paper and manual documents. And as time goes on, these accumulate until there are multiple filing cabinets overflowing with neglected, but important, files that rarely see the light of day. Easily destroyed, thrown away or lost, these documents not only take up valuable room and cost companies thousands […]