Planning Your Digital and Hard-Copy Processes

Many businesses are finding themselves moving from hard copies to digital copies in a world that are becoming more and more technology-driven. Now with two types of mediums to handle, managing the information and documents can become a confusing and tedious task. Besides the environmental benefits that a paperless document management system provides, one of […]

Top Reasons You Should Implement Document Scanning In 2017

The days of storing paper documents and records are quickly coming to an end. More and more companies are using document scanning to convert paper records to digital. There’s a lot of great reasons to consider document scanning and utilising a cloud management system to organise your office and keep your files safe and secure.If […]

10 Signs Your Company Needs a New Document Management System

Not all document management solutions are created equal. There’s an abundance of products on the market designed to help organisations manage their information—but it can be hard to tell which ones are the most effective for businesses. Because of this, companies sometimes end up with systems that don’t support their full spectrum of document management […]

Why Document Scanning And Digitization Is Important To Oil And Gas In Nigeria

The Oil and Gas industry need successful document management processes to mitigate risk, control project value chains, coordinate deliverables from multiple contractors and produce auditable records. Well logging is the practice of making detailed records of geological formations penetrated by a borehole and is conducted at several stages in the drilling process. Well logs are […]

Why SMEs Need An Electronic Document Management System

If your Small/Medium sized Business is like most, you’ve probably kicked around the idea of going paperless. You’ve weighed the pros and cons of the benefits vs. the expenses of an electronic document management (EDM) system, but you still haven’t taken the plunge. Maybe the expenditure seems a little beyond your budget, or maybe the […]

10 Benefits of a Document Management System in Healthcare

Let’s face it. The health care industry utilises a lot of forms and paperwork. Patient forms, doctor notes, payment receipts, insurance cards, diagnosis codes, lab results – all from just one patient!  Plus, there are guidelines for patient privacy and document security. Physicians are required to retain patient medical records and recordings, including deceased patients, […]